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Car Lofts

During summer of 2023, I filmed different types of videos at the Car Lofts in Fairfield New Jersey. These videos were intended for use on social media. The goal was to help both showcase the location as well as promote the business as a whole through organic videos. These organic videos were intended for a target audience of other car enthusiasts, which would help promote the brand as well as get the word out about the business more as a whole.

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Vehicle Walkthroughs

This series of videos features a quick showcase and walkthrough of some of the highlights of a few of the vehicles stored at the Car Lofts. The intention with these videos was to reach Car Lofts' target demographic of car enthusiasts to help get the business more exposure to this group. On the left, an example of one of these videos can be found. All videos can be found on Instagram which is linked to the left as well.

Facility Walkthrough

simple but effective video created to showcase the beautiful space created by the Car Lofts!

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